About Us

Ameg Tech is an international group in the field of  distributing   applied science’s high-tech products, we are focused on  bringing useful  technologies and sciences  based on the vision of “making better life by applied science”, this is our group ‘s vision that we are committed to achieve  this vision in  our daily works .

we have  well defined objectives  in all of our business division  to achieve the corporation’s vision;

BioScience: making cell therapy   easy and feasible field for researcher and help to develop  clinical progress in this field in middle east by preparing necessary infrastructure about; knowledge, Facilities, materials and … By importing , training and manufacturing requirement, we hope our daily works ended to have many cell therapy clinics that can help people to have better life by BioScience (advanced medicine therapy) by 2021.

NanoScience: introducing  hybrid, microscopic, macroscopic and spectroscopic  techniques , to bring technologies and knowledge of using high tech analytical instrument and their cutting edge applications in the field of pure science research, Photovoltaic and solar cell, Petroleum, Environment, Pharmaceutical, food, and etc. By holding different professional academy to push these fields’s knowledge one step forward to have better life by NanoScience ( analytical instrument) by 2021.

NeuroScience: introducing Hybrid science and  innovations with bringing latest  knowledge to make this science feasible and usable for scientist and specialist in this field and help people using new scientific methods for their old problem , we hope Neuroscience get well known  field in this territory by our daily works  and people feel it in their daily life by 2021.

PlasmaScience: we have a team of motivated and talent scientists  who are committed to find new solutions for daily problems of middle east people by magic of PlasmaScience, we have interesting solutions to make better life for middle east people by PlasmaScience.