• Glow discharge Plasma Source
  • Unique patented RF pulsing mode
  • No sample preparation, no sample transfer in UHV environment
  • Easy (flat Horizontal) and ergonomic sample positioning with laser help
  • High sample tolerance size from 0.7 cm to 30 cm
  • Standard 4 mm anode for 4 mm diameter crater
  • Available 2mm anode for 2 mm diameter crater
  • Oil free environment (Dry pump)
  • Easy removal and cleaning of source parts


TOF analyzer

  • Orthogonal extraction
  • High resolution reflectron (resolving power up to 5000 at 208 Th)
  • User friendly, ergonomic, fast hands on
  • Possibility to attenuate for four intense ions for high dynamics: user choice of ions and attenuation amplitude



  • Fast automatic starting procedures
  • Real time display of depth profiles
  • One click semi-quantitative depth profile
  • Remote online capability