Quantitative & Label-free Live Cell Analysis

Product Benefits

Visualizes and Quantifies Cellular Events

HoloMonitor is designed to generate both visual elements and quantitative data. Visual elements, such as sequences of images and videos, illustrate cellular events taking place during the experiment, while quantitative data put numbers on what can be seen with the human eye. From visual information in the holographic images, the data are translated by sophisticated software algorithms into morphological parameters – optical cell volume, thickness, texture and many more – to provide kinetic cell analyses.

Reliable and Cost-effective Operation

Since no labels or stains are needed, the assay protocols are straight forward and experiments quick and easy to set-up. A new and innovative mechanical design together with an intuitive software interface makes HoloMonitor M4 operation simple and reliable.

Ideal for Kinetic Cell Population Studies

Images can be recorded with high temporal resolution (maximum image rate: 1 image/s), ensuring that important cellular events are not overlooked. This high temporal resolution is one key reason why HoloMonitor technology is optimal for kinetic studies to advance our understanding of processes such as cell growth, movements, division, and death.

Cell Friendly and Incubator Compatible

All HoloMonitor applications are totally label free; no staining or contrast agents are required. Cell cultures can be continuously monitored and analyzed under physiologically optimal conditions, i.e. in the cell incubator or hypoxia chamber, before and after treatment with drug candidates or other chemical compounds, minute by minute and day after day, without the need for any stains or labels. The risk for toxic effects and/or masking of the effect of various conditions and/or target drug is thus avoided.

Enabling Long-term Experiments

The incubator-compatible design makes the HoloMonitor M4 system especially suited for long-term kinetic cellular analyses. The low-intensity, single-wavelength laser generates no heat reducing the risk of photo-damage to an absolute minimum.