The respiration sensor is a sensitive girth sensor worn using an easy fitting high durability woven elastic band fixed with a length adjustable webbing belt. It detects chest or abdominal expansion/contraction and outputs the respiration waveform.


The sensor is latex-free, magnet-free, and Velcro-free, and can be worn over clothing. Since the respiration sensor can be used with any sampling rate, it can be connected to any input of any encoder (with the exception of channel A of the ProComp 2). Generally, however, it is connected to an input with a lower sampling rate.

Operating Principle:

The respiration sensor is sensitive to stretch. When strapped around a client’s chest or abdomen, it will convert the expansion and contraction of the rib cage or abdominal area, to a rise and fall of the signal on the screen. For the client’s comfort, the elastic strap segment stretches when the abdomen expands during breathing.

Sensor Placement:

For most applications, placing one sensor around the abdomen is required. Optionally, you can place a second respiration sensor around the chest. Using two sensors is helpful for abdominal breathing exercises.

The three straps (respiration sensor strap, elastic strap, and belt strap) are buckled together, and then placed around the client’s torso.


EMG MyoScan is a pre-amplified surface electromyography sensor used with the ProComp Infiniti/ProComp5 Infiniti channels A–B or all FlexComp-Infiniti channels for RAW sEMG. Compatible with Triode electrodes or extender cables for wider placement of electrodes. Range of 0 – 2000 µV.

Technical Specifications:

Size :37mm x 37mm x 12mm (1.45″ x 1.45″ x 0.45″)

Weight :15g (0.5 oz)

Input Impedance : > 10¹²Ω in parallel with 10pF

Signal Input Range :0 – 2000 µV RMS

Sensitivity : < 0.1 µV RMS

CMRR : > 130 dB

Channel Bandwidth :10 Hz-1 kHz

Signal Output Range : 0 – 1.0 V RMS

Supply Voltage :7.26 V (±0.02 V)

Current Consumption :0.7 mA (±0.25 mA)

Accuracy :±0.3 µV RMS plus ±4% of reading @25°C to 30°C


The new MyoScan-Z EMG sensor joins our line-up of physiological sensors. Designed for a sampling rate 2048 samples per second, this new EMG sensor offers a unique impedance check mode, which can be triggered from BioGraph Infiniti software version 5.0. It measures raw EMG signals with a range from 0 up to 2000 micro-Volts.

MyoScan-Z makes impedance check fast, easy and reliable, and avoid risk of cable misplacement. Get the ultimate hook up every time with this sensor as it monitors skin impedance and sensor connection. Thought Technology is the only manufacturer providing EMG sensors with built-in impedance check.

Benefits of impedance check:

Good contact between the electrodes and the skin is required to have a good quality signal and prevent artifacts.

Measuring the impedance between the electrodes is the recommended way to verify good contact. It is simple, fast and accurate.

It shows instantaneously which electrode is not properly connected or which part of the skin is not well prepared.

Impedance Meter:

interrupt the session

disconnect the cables

connect the meter to each site and measure them one by one

reconnect the cables (at the right place)

restart the session

And this, every time you need to verify the impedance!

Get it done in 3 clicks:

pause the session

run the impedance check simultaneously on all the sites without disconnecting any cable

unpause the session

Also see real-time results in a glance with the color coding

Technical Specifications:

Size: 37mm x 37mm x 12mm (1.45” x 1.45” x 0.45”)

Weight: 15g (0.5 oz)

Input Impedanc: 1012ohms in parallel with 10pF

Input Range: 0 – 2000µVRMS

Sensitivity: <0.1µVRMS

CMRR : >130dB

Channel Bandwidth: 10Hz – 1kHz

Signal Input Range: 0 – 2000 µV

Input / Output Gain: 500

Supply Voltage: 7.26V (± 0.02V)

Current Consumption: 0.7mA (± 0.25mA)

Accuracy: 0.3µVRMS Plus 4% of reading @25°C to 30°C (For use with the ProComp/Procomp5 Infiniti channels A – B or all FlexComp-Infiniti channels. Requires BioGraph Infiniti 5.0 or later)

Real Time Result:

Also see real-time results in a glance with the color coding:

EMG MyoScan Pro is a pre-amplified surface electromyography sensor used with the ProComp Infiniti channels C – H for RMS sEMG. Features a range switch in the sensor head to change filter settings between 0 – 400 µV Narrow filter, 0 – 400 µV Wide filter, 0 – 1600 µV Wide filter with 0.1 µV sensitivity. Compatible with Triode electrodes or extender cables for wider placement of electrodes.

Technical Specifications:

Size : 37mm x 37mm x 12mm (1.45″ x 1.45″ x 0.45″)

Weight : 25g (0.5 oz)

Input Impedance : > 10¹²Ω in parallel with 10pF

Signal Input Range :0 – 2000 uVRMS

Sensitivity : < 0.1 uVRMS

CMRR : > 130 dB

Channel Bandwidth :10 Hz-1 kHz

Signal Output Range :±2.0V (+ 2.8V if used with Sensor Isolator)

Input / Output Gain :0 – 400 uVRMS, 0 – 1600 uVRMS

Supply Voltage :7.26 V (±0.02 V)

Current Consumption : < 1.5mA

Accuracy :±5%

EKG sensor is a pre-amplified electrocardiograph sensor, for directly measuring heart electrical activity. Connects via extender cables for a single channel hook up.

EKG wrist straps provide fast, convenient placement of electrodes for measuring EKG from the wrists. Non-latex medical straps are easy to apply, comfortable, and washable; and electrodes are replaceable. Combined with BioGraph Infiniti’s advanced heart rate algorithm, which is designed to operate in the presence of heavy EMG artifact, the EKG wrist straps allow for quick, easy and robust EKG and heart rate variability biofeedback.

Technical Specifications:

Size :37mm x 37mm x 12mm (1.45″ x 1.45″ x 0.45″)

Weight : 25g (0.5 oz)

Input Impedance : > 10¹²Ω in parallel with 10pF

Operating Input Bias :~ 1.0 to 2.0 V above sensor ground

Signal Input Range :± 40 mV

Channel Bandwidth :0.05 Hz – 1 kHz

Signal Output Range :± 2.0 V (+ 2.8 V if used with Sensor Isolator)

Input / Output Gain : 50

Supply Voltage : 7.26 V (±0.05 V)

Current Consumption : < 1.5 mA

Accuracy : ±5%

BVP sensor is a blood volume pulse detection sensor (otherwise known as a PPG sensor) housed in a small finger worn package, to measure heart rate & provide BVP amplitude, BVP waveform, HR and Heart rate variability feedback.

Technical Specifications:

Size : 20mm x 34mm x 10mm (0.72” x 1.33” x 0.41”)

Weight :20g (0.66 oz)

Input range :Unit less quantity displayed as 0% – 100%

Accuracy :±5%

With a compact and light-weight design, the eVu TPS is an elegantly portable sensor that brings biometric measurement out of the clinic and into your client’s smartphone and tablet. Applied to a single finger with a fabric strap, the sensor detects and transmits three highly-researched measurements of psychophysiological health: heart rate variability, skin conductance and surface temperature. Data transmission takes place in real time via Bluetooth to the companion app, providing the user with both an accurate and immediate gauge for stress, focus, relaxation and recovery. Included with the eVu TPS sensor is the carrying case, ensuring the sensor is protected wherever it goes in the user’s pocket, purse or side bag.

Heart Rate Variability:

When at rest, a healthy heart beat speeds up as you inhale, and slows down as you exhale. These moment-to-moment changes between successive heart beats are a telling measurement of nervous system health in terms of physical, emotional, and mental function. Studies show high heart rate variability is associated with better recovery following exertion, higher resilience to psychophysiological disorders, as well as positive feelings and outlooks on life. Stress, especially when prolonged, decreases heart rate variability. Training to increase heart rate variability by following slow, relaxed paced breathing decreases the effects of stress on the nervous system, leading to diminished negative psychophysiological issues.

Skin Conductance:

Emotional arousal affects the pores on the surface of our skin, which in turn affects the subtle changes in sweating. The measure of conductance across the skin’s surface is a telling biometric for our mental engagement and perception of stress.

Skin Temperature:

Cold hands are not simply due to winter weather, but an indication of the body’s response to anxiety and elevated stress. As a response to the pressure of a stressful moment, the body shunts blood flow away from the finger. The logic behind this is that the blood will be needed in more essential systems related to the fight-or-flight response. Repeated and sustained stress can lead the body to maintain the fight-or-flight state, keeping heat-rich blood away from the hands and thereby lowering finger temperature. When the body finally engages the relaxation response, blood flow is allowed to return to the peripheral parts of the hands, results in the warming up of the fingers.

Breathing to de-stress, calm the body, focus the mind, relax and recover have never before been any clearer than with eVu Senz app. Not only does it guide the user with a breathing pacer, but it also scores the body’s response to the breathing exercise based on the biometric data transmitted from the eVu TPS sensor. Features of the app include:

Modifiable breath pacer, appropriate to the needs of any user whether they are novices to paced breathing or experts practicing at their resonant frequencies.

Heart rate variability, skin conductance and temperature metrics expressed as easy-to understand values.

Three tiers of feedback, including music, graphics and reward points.

Session durations can be as short at 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes.

Point-based training program that automatically tailors success appropriate to the user’s skill level.

All training data saved, enabling user and clinician review for effectiveness and compliance.

System’s artifact detection ensures user is informed when movement artifact is present in real time.

The eVu Senz represents the first in a line of upcoming companion apps that promise to revolutionize at-home clinical training with smartphones and tablets.



Temperature sensor measures skin surface temperature using an epoxy rod thermistor between 10°C – 45°C (50°F – 115°F). It is supplied with a self-adhering band for easy finger placement.

Technical Specifications:

Length (approx.): 152cm (60”)

Weight: 10g (0.33oz)

Temperature range: 10°C – 45°C (50°F – 115°F)

Accuracy :±1.0°C (±1.8°F) 20°C – 40°C (68°F – 104°F) (assuming simplified transfer function)