A large array of options and accessories is available for HORIBA Scientific’s Spectroscopic Ellipsometers to enhance and expand instrument performance and versatility. The modular design of our spectroscopic ellipsometers allows the instrument to be easily upgraded during its lifetime to best suit changing application requirements.


XY motorized stage XY Motorized stage for Thin Film Uniformity Mapping
The XY motorized stage provides automated stage movement for sample mapping. Additional features such as CCD camera monitoring combined with the integrated microspot optics delivers the ideal solution for accurate characterization of patterned wafers.
In option for UVISEL and Smart SE
In standard for UVISEL 2 and Auto SE
Automatic goniometer Automatic Goniometer to Vary Angle of Incidence
Automatic Goniometer to Vary Angle of Incidence The automatic goniometer provides automated variable angle measurements. The purpose of multiple angle acquisition is to increase the amount of data available for characterizing a material. Additionally, each material exhibits a Brewster angle that provides more sensitivity than others.
In option for UVISEL and Smart SE
In standard for UVISEL 2
Compact integrated goniometer Compact Integrated Goniometer for Cost-Effective Solution
The compact integrated goniometer provides a cost-effective solution for benchtop UVISEL and for benchtop UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer. This configuration is convenient for the majority of thin film applications.

  • Angle of incidence: 35°-90°, 5° step
  • Autocollimation system for sample alignment (in option)
  • Sample stage
  • Sample size: 200 mm
  • Sample thickness: max 20 mm
  • Manual Z height adjustment


Temperature controlled stage Temperature Controlled Stage to Study How Film Properties Change with Temperature
The temperature controlled stage allows sample characterization at a range of temperatures (from -196°C to 350°C and from Room temperature to 600°C) for the investigation of new material properties (thermal transition analysis for polymers, band structure for compound alloys).
Electrochemical cell Electrochemical Cell to Study Electrochemical Processes
Electrochemical cell The electrochemical cell has been designed by HORIBA Jobin Yvon for the study of electrochemical processesusing UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer.

Optical access to the sample is made via 3 fused silica windows. Two of the windows are mounted at 70º to normal for ellipsometry access, and the third port allows the user to observe the sample inside the cell. The cell body that comes into contact with the sample is manufactured from PVC, and the sample holder is manufactured from PTFE to avoid any interaction with the medium.

The cell volume is 43 ml, and comprises an Ag/AgCl reference electrode and a platinum counter electrode. Electrical contacts are provided by robust, high integrity feedthroughs.

Liquid cell Liquid Cell For Solid and Solid/Liquid Experiments
The liquid cell is designed to provide easy set-up and clean-up for any liquid and solid/liquid experiments using HORIBA Scientific spectroscopic ellipsometers.

The liquid cell consists of a 30mm (L) x 30mm (W) x13mm (H) cuvette made of stainless steel, PEEK polymer. It comprises two fused UV silica windows mounted at 70° allowing the light to pass through for the investigation of solid/liquid interfaces. It supports samples up to 4 mm thick and requires 12 ml of liquid for solid/liquid experiments.

The choice of materials and the design of the cell allows complete disassembly so that the cell can be thoroughly cleaned, eliminating cross contamination when it is used for different experiments.

Sealed cell Sealed Cell for the Characterization of Thin Films under Non-Air Ambient Conditions
Sealed Celle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry The Sealed Cell has been designed for ellipsometric characterization of materials that are either sensitive to air or moisture or for experiments to study the effect of vapours / gases on material layers.
The Cell provides a completely sealed environment preventing ingress of air during measurement. A flow system is integrated with the design to allow introduction of gases or vapours into the cell. The sample is placed within the cell and the ellipsometer light beam passes through the two fused UV silica windows mounted at 60° on each side of the cell. A top window enables sample alignment. The Cell is manufactured from PTFE and all components of the cell can be easily removed and cleaned. The Cell is designed to mount samples of up to 50mm x 50mm, and allows translation of up to 10mm x 10mm for mapping purposes when the sample is placed inside.
Cryostat Cryostat to Maintain low Cryogenic Temperatures
cryostat option is available upon request, please contact us directly for more information.
Rotation or θ stages Rotation Stage to Study Anisotropic Samples
Rotation Stage to Study Anisotropic Samples The rotation or θ stage allows the automated 360° rotation of the sample, and is useful for characterization of complex anisotropic samples and liquid crystals.




  • 150 mm diameter
  • Resolution: 0.005°
Tilted Sample Stage Tilted Sample Stage For measurement of Photovoltaic Samples
The tilted sample stage integrates a 160 mm x 160 mm sample holder with vacuum chuck. Tilt adjustment from the horizontal position to 90° is ideal to optimize signal collection from textured Si photovoltaic samples, and the stage height is manually adjustable to allow samples of up to 10 mm thickness to be measured. The stage also allows transmission measurements.
Transmission cell TTransmission cell for measurement of Sample Transmission and Ellipsometric Transmission at 70°
Transmission cell Spectroscopic Ellipsometry The tilted sample holder enables transmission measurements at 70° of small samples of 10mm to 50mm diameter and fits directly onto the standard sample stage used for HORIBA Scientific ellipsometers.

  • 2 measurements with and without sample
  • Transmission & ellipsometric transmission
  • Vacuum capability
  • Compatible with flexible substrate holder
Flexible Substrate Holder Flexible Substrate Holder For Convenient Mounting of Flexible Substrates
The flexible substrate holder allows rapid mounting of flexible samples into double rings for ellipsometric measurement. Two diameters are available 20 and 50 mm.