Generator Solid state, 40.68 MHz, water-cooled
Torch Fully demountable torch, 3 mm internal diameter alumina injector, glass inner and outer tubes
Sample introduction Concentric glass nebulizer and glass cyclonic spray chamber, 3 channels peristaltic pump, sheath gas device
Optical system Thermally stabilized, 1 meter focal length, 2400 g/mm grating used in 1st and 2nd order with optical resolution <5 pm for 120-320 nm and <11 pm for 320-800 nm
Optional dual grating system  with 4320 g/mm and 2400 g/mm used in the 1st order with optical resolution <6 pm for 120-450 nm and <11 pm for 450-800 nm.
Optional 0.5m or 1m polychromator
Detection Patented HDD system